100 Ideas for New Paltz

89. set a minimum amount of affordable housing

Posted in affordable housing, planning and construction by Jason West on June 11, 2009

Require all new development to include 15% of units as affordable housing

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  1. SPAKYLE said, on July 18, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    This really needs to come to fruition considering the receding economy. Vague references in your blog aside, I’m not sure if you’re taking about rent control, or subsidized housing. Looks good theoretically speaking on paper, however subsidized housing should be better managed following (on paper) HUD/EOH guidelines. As rent increases vs. inflation in a receding economy. Inflated rent and corrupt slumlords push the more eclectic population out of new paltz for the upper middle class , there fore changing the character of the town/village based upon economics and class.
    No matter what the cost of rent and standard of living in New Paltz one what have to consider quality of life issues.. You get what you pay for, and corrupt slumlords are abound in New Paltz.
    Setting a certain percentage of housing aside for low, fixed income, disabled and seniors is a must based upon INCOME and dependents, not based upon profession or corruption and of course with quality management. The seniors, disabled (SSI/SSD) and those on a fixed income should be FIRST priority for affordable housing.
    The budget was cut on RUPCO, the better of low income housing programs, (RUPCO is hardly open but for a few months every few years) and we need to fund those programs more including self sufficiency programs (home ownership).
    Also with housing subsidies, there are often not transferable (with exception of RUPCO) or “portable” and are only valid in that complex.
    Consider all of the above when discussing the ideal of affordable housing as New Paltz, NY is a college town with inflated rents catering tor off campus students. However, some people live in New Paltz year round.

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