100 Ideas for New Paltz

list of 100 ideas

1. form a public power utility
2. buy the streetlights, run ’em on solar
3.  require curbside compost collection
4.  expand municipal compost
5.  expand the reed beds
6.  protect wetlands in the village
7.  limit the properties affected by a wetlands law
8.  get rid of poison ivy in parks
9.  ban pesticides
10. municipal garbage collection
11. make all new buildings green buildings
12. move the village dpw garage
13. change which fire station is the main location
14. move village hall
15. replace village hall with dowtown-type development
16. pay for new village offices with development rights
17. skate park
18. clean up medians and other overlooked public spaces
19. develop a northern gateway into the village along route 32
20. grow the downtown uptown
21. grow the downtown up towards the college
22. make ohioville a hamlet again
23. make the village gateway district mixed use
24. outlaw subsidized sprawl
25. create the tools necessary to outlaw subsidized sprawl
26. shift from use-based zoning to form-based zoning
27. lower rent
28. keep buildings near the street
29. no more mcmansions
30. raise building height
31. ban chain stores
32. full time work, full time pay
33. create a pocket park
34. create more public art
35. fund more public art
36. require mandatory paid sick time for everyone in new paltz
37. needle exchange
38. re-think the DARE program
39. simplify approvals for parades and park use
40. create a park at the water treatment plant
41. fix the springtown road boat launch
42. should the village be getting rent from watchtower farms?
43. biodiesel
44. plan tree plantings for the effects of global warming on forests
45. figure out new paltz’s collective carbon footprint
46. lay out concrete step-by-step plans for carbon reduction
47. sign the town on to the united nations urban environmental accords
48. plan programs for new paltz to meet the five-star rating of the u.n. urban environmental accords
49. narrow north chestnut street/ route 32
50. provide developers with trained green building professionals
51. encourage investment in long-term, capital-heavy green building practices
52. put living roofs on bus shelters
53. make the bus look like a trolley
54. create a park-and-ride to the mountaints bus loop
55. make the bus stops more convenient
56. make the bus routes easier to understand
57. make the bus stops more convenient
58. make the bus as frequent as possible
59. make the bus free
60. make the bus more frequent
61. finish creating the millbrook greenway
62. make the crosswalks look like they’re made of brick
63. make huguenot street look like a dirt road again
64. expand the inlaid brick sidewalks to main street
65. re-design main street for more people fewer cars
66. narrow main street for more sidewalk cafes and community-building loitering
67. replace some cars with more bikes
68. narrow plattekill avenue
69. keep the town rural 1
70. keep the town rural 2
71. keep the town rural 3
72. try to find more places for new hamlets
73. create a heating oil co-op
74. create the city of new paltz
75. use the industrial and commercial incentive board to create green collar jobs
76. use the revolving loan fund to encourage green-collar jobs
77. use instant runoff voting
78. use runoff elections
79. make the middle school green
80. clear the snow off the sidewalks, too
81. educate about tenants’ rights
82. educate about domestic violence
83. elect the town council by district
84. elect the town council by party
85. use our remaining water wisely
86. figure out how much water we have left
87. build a hidden parking garage
88. encourage more artists space
89. set a minimum amount of affordable housing
90. define “affordable”
91. create a local currency
92. make it easier for locals to go to suny new paltz
93. pave the streets with porous asphalt
94. abolish corporate personhood
95. recognize the rights of nature
96. unclog truck traffic on horsenden
97. re-route route 32 north
98. plant a buffer along the wallkill river
99. yank out invasive species
100. use only native plants when landscaping


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  1. Donna LaPolt said, on April 20, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    I wish I could vote for Jason West. I thought he did a wonderful job when he was Mayor. I thank him for all he did for the village without thanks from the village.

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